Banner material with single-sided printing, used for long-and short-term in and out-door use.


Materil with single-side printing, made on the basis of polyester fabric coated with PVC, breathable air and sunlight.


Banner material with double-side printing (frontlitu variety of embedded between layers of dark liner). Built-blocker (separator) prevents the penetration of light and the sun, so it is not visible structure on which is mounted a banner

Monomer foil

Material intended the application exclusively to flat surfaces (glass, metallurgical, hard PCV materials).

Monomer foil matte

Material intended the application to flat surfaces. Dedicated primarily in the areas of artificial lighting such hypermarkets, shopping malls.

One way vision foil

Perforated window foil designed for application to flat transparent surfaces (shop windows, car windows, buildings made of glass). The structure of the material provides optimum visibility without sacrificing graphics reception.


Printing material, designed for short-term outdoor exposure, especially on the boards billboard (usually 5.04 × 2.38 m or 6x3m, so-called. Billboards).


Material based on a single-sided printing paper, applied to highlighted advertisements (sheds on bus stops, retail parks to internal exhibitions).

Poster paper

Faithful copying colours guarantees. Intended for the unilateral overprint.[/one_half_last]